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A veil of legitimacy: corruption within state-owned enterprises

by Kalo | 22 February 2018

Kalo’s Angela Barkhouse has had an article published in the IBA’s February 2018 Anti-corruption Committee Update. The article titled ‘A veil of legitimacy: corruption within state-owned enterprises’ can be found on the link below. The article explores the challenges of fighting corruption within state-owned enterprises (SOE’s) and considers alternative ways it can be combatted. Tackling corruption within SOE’s is crucial in order to address the wider associated crimes often linked to this type of activity, which include immoral and injurious crimes such as drug and sex trafficking. Angela Barkhouse is a director of Kalo – and an expert in financial investigations, asset tracing and anti-corruption investigations. She has been involved in numerous cases to mitigate the impact of financial crime. For more information contact ABarkhouse@kaloadvisors.com.