What We Do

Decades of experience have confirmed to us that no two situations are the same. No matter what special circumstances are involved, at Kalo, we offer our expertise and analysis to provide you with the most efficient and optimal solutions. Any combination of our Restructuring and Liquidation Services, Advisory Services, and Forensic Services may be appropriate and most helpful in advancing the process towards your unique resolution. Together, we will determine the best course of action then we will lead you through that critical path to success.

Restructuring and Liquidation Services

With our multi-faceted skill sets and decades of experience, we deftly guide international companies and their stakeholders through their complex financial and operational challenges to successful resolutions and sustained results.


Provisional Liquidation, the closest equivalent to US Chapter 11 and UK Administration business rescue proceedings in the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands, can be used in its own right or to support US Chapter 11 or rescue proceedings in other jurisdictions. We have deep insights into planning and implementing involved restructurings worldwide, with sensitivity to the differing guidelines and governance.

Insolvent Liquidations

When a fund or company is insolvent, key stakeholders seek our appointment as liquidators. We create a respectful partnership with stakeholders, to maximise the realization of all assets, and ensure a legally fair distribution. We understand the risks and likely issues and realise the importance of creating the right balance while maintaining control.

Solvent Liquidations

When a fund, partnership, or company wishes or needs to close down for reasons such as legislative changes, group structure changes, under performance or fixed period investments they turn to us for guidance. We ensure the efficient and proper closure after a voluntary liquidation is initiated. We help stakeholders navigate through the most effective process to yield maximum value.

Dissolution following liquidation brings finality to directors and a formal responsible approach that a strike off cannot achieve. We ensure that it is conducted efficiently with all assets realised and all liabilities properly extinguished.


Kalo regularly takes appointments when a company defaults on its loan obligations and secured creditors seek a remedy to recover amounts outstanding or when a judgment creditor seeks to recover property belonging to the judgment debtor. Kalo’s practitioners are well known for their ability to take control of assets subject to dispute and are often appointed by the Court to do so while disputes are resolved.

Whilst each case is governed by the underlying documentation, it is not uncommon for substantially all of the assets to fall under the secured lender’s security. It is the knowledge and experience we offer for such scenarios including our experience in the ongoing management of business operations that compels our clients to seek out Kalo’s appointment.


Forensic Services

Kalo provides clients with multi-faceted forensic expertise to find the facts, recover losses, and mitigate the impact of financial crime — often beyond the scope of our competitors and beyond clients’ expectations.

Forensic Accounting

Kalo analyses large amounts of complex data and monetary transactions to enable clients to make sound business decisions. We establish the facts at any stage of the dispute or investigation. We trace financial flows through to their final destination to identify misappropriated or embezzled funds. We offer contemporary insights to prevent fraud from reoccurring, supporting management in mitigating reputational and financial risk.


Kalo acts diligently for governments, law firms, international organisations, and corporations to counter corrupt practices. We swiftly investigate fraud, embezzlement, and false accounting where persons in power may have abused their position and undermined public governance or national security. We ensure that forensically sound evidence is preserved, marshaled, and reported. When allegations of kickbacks, money laundering and conflicts of interest place an entity at risk for regulatory action, Kalo supports internal investigations and remedies.

Financial Investigaton

Kalo determines whether assets have been placed beyond the reach of creditors by using offshore structures in the Caribbean. We regularly oversee the intricate tracing and recovery of assets globally, including from the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, the United Kingdom, the United States, Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore, Panama, Russia, and Switzerland.

Proceeds of Crime Enforcement

Kalo works with foreign prosecutors on large, complex, and global criminal investigations and prosecutions. Our goal is to aid in the repatriation of money to victims. We assist with tracing, securing, managing, and recovering the proceeds of criminal conduct. We also protect and preserve assets while a conviction is pending. We manage the legitimate portion of a business, or if required sell it through an open market sales process. We deal with specialist assets and assets that would otherwise perish. Post-conviction, using the powers granted to us by the Court, as an officer and/or office holder we assist with collecting confiscation awards.


Advisory Services

For engagements that focus on a specific challenge faced by a company, Kalo brings vital insights with decades of experience to approach each case with unrivaled expertise. Kalo recognises how an engagement may fit into another larger, corporate picture and can bring strategy development for the future and parallel needs as well.

Independent Director Appointments

Kalo takes corporate directorship appointments for companies globally, especially when independence or professional control is demanded. With extensive liquidation and restructuring experience, in times of crisis or uncertainty, Kalo provides clarity and guidance to navigate towards successful outcomes.

Dispute Resolution

Litigation and complex business and family disputes can distract management, disrupt the business, and potentially create reputational damage or do permanent harm. Kalo quickly earns the trust of all stakeholders, and partners along with their professional advisors. For determining maximum value, appropriate division of assets, and operational direction, Kalo designs the right plan for the right outcome.

Kalo offers two team members as appointment takers and accredited mediators for a unique combination of substantial experience and advanced certification that elevates this service offering.

Committee Representation

Kalo has the ethical authority and expertise to guide stakeholders through unfamiliar territory when faced with complex liquidation and restructuring scenarios. Knowing the options available, the associated risks, and the implications of certain actions and reactions, Kalo provides business acumen while maintaining client trust and confidence at the heart of all they do.


Kalo is often called upon by regulators to assist in the performance of on-site inspections of licensees. Kalo’s practitioners have also taken Controller and Advisor appointments to regulated entities. These assignments involve investigating and reporting on the entities’ operations and advising on both operational and financial solutions.