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Kalo analyses large amounts of complex data and monetary transactions to enable clients to make sound business decisions. We establish the facts at any stage of the dispute or investigation. We trace financial flows through to their final destination to identify misappropriated or embezzled funds. We offer contemporary insights to prevent fraud from reoccurring, supporting management in mitigating reputational and financial risk.

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Arbitration proceedings: Expert witness support

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Forensic accounting expert witness


Dispute between the owners of a Trusts and Fiduciary business in Anguilla had developed into arbitration proceedings that were at an early stage. A Statement of Claim had been submitted and the defendant required an independent expert to access and critically analyse the financial records and the claims made.


We identified the key records, obtained and reviewed them, identified areas of concern and red flags, analysed the key issues, interviewed the relevant parties and produced an expert report for expert witness evidence in the arbitration proceedings.

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Forensic accounting

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