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Maintaining your mojo during COVID-19

Our very own Paula Richmond chats to leadership and innovation consultant, Jill Ellul, about how to maintain your mojo during Covid-19. Some great tips for business leaders and future leaders.

Recorded 02/07/2020 / Runtime 00:37:00


Changes to the Cayman Islands Restructuring Regime

With Cassandra Ronaldson of Kalo and Rocco Cecere of Collas Crill.

Recorded 10/06/2020 / Runtime 00:18:00


Gordon MacRae, CEO of Kalo - John Morrison of Morrison Media

Gordon MacRae chats to John Morrison of Morrison Media about best practice when using Zoom calls and other video conferencing platforms.

Recorded 19/05/2020 / Runtime 00:15:00


Gordon MacRae, CEO of Kalo - Jason Collins, Partner, Reid Collins & Tsai

Kalo CEO, Gordon MacRae and Reid Collins & Tsai Partner Jason Collins discuss what's next for the offshore insolvency and restructuring industry. Pre Covid-19 economic pressures, the fall-out from the current crisis, predictions on industry sectors feeling the pressure, and triggering factors that will cause future insolvency and restructuring events.

Recorded 30/04/2020 / Runtime 00:10:20

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