Solvent Liquidations

When a fund, partnership, or company wishes or needs to close down for reasons such as legislative changes, group structure changes, under performance or fixed period investments they turn to us for guidance. We ensure the efficient and proper closure after a voluntary liquidation is initiated. We help stakeholders navigate through the most effective process to yield maximum value.

Dissolution following liquidation brings finality to directors and a formal responsible approach that a strike off cannot achieve. We ensure that it is conducted efficiently with all assets realised and all liabilities properly extinguished.

Restructuring & Liquidation

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Wind down and distribution following US$1billion sale

Type of Engagement

Voluntary liquidators


Impending sale and purchase of the operations of a trading corporate services and trusts business as a going concern which would ultimately leave certain holding entities as defunct shells.

Key Facts

Sale proceeds in excess of $1billion

Distributions to over 150 owners and investors made within 48 hours of appointment


Completion of all due diligence and KYC checks on over 150 owners and investors, distribution of sale proceeds and dissolution of the corporate shells.

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Solvent liquidation

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